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would be delayed. for whatever it is worth the estimate is for 125,000 jobs to be added to the economy last month, and the unemployment to be around 7.8 or 7.9 percent. remember the supreme court ruling giving the go ahead to the health care law well, there is a controversial individual mandate provision and no less than the justice department itself said they have opened a new argument, a lawsuit filed by liberty university that challenges the mandate over separate issue whether the remain employees must comply with a mandate that violates "religious beliefs again good sill -- against facilitating abortion." the high court rules on the merit of the health care tax, not the moral stuff that liberty suit raised but if justice is willing to entertain other arguments like liberty, think about it, the supreme court, they could vacate the lower court ruling and rehear the entire case. it is a stretch and the supreme court has not scheduled a time to consider the request but it is not entirely unlikely. what does it mean when the justice department says we are open to haggle over this. what
and add to that concerns this will hit the g.d.p. and our economy itself, and no wonder larry is worried. what do you make of this, coming days before the election and the markets and others are looking at this in the northeast and saying, well, i don't know, it is not looking like we thought. >>guest: though was the last key piece of economic data ahead of the election and it is not good. what the public will talk about in addition to the uptick in unemployment which is not if for the incumbent at pizza parlors, they will talk about the gas line. what is damaging to consumer confidence is being in a gas line. i have relatives in the area and i know what they are going through and it zaps confidence and will hurt retail and discretionary spending. we see companies seeing this and they are worried. it will affect consumer confidence. companies have been preparing themselves for what they see looming and one thing they see looming is the fiscal cliff, the uncertainty related to the economy. as a result, we have seen certainly layoffs that are planned, that have picked up. we see companies
but will sandy knock the entire economy, with thousands of super marks and retailers and restaurants remaining closed and some for a time to come. and the give whose businesses supplies the businesses, bill johnson. bill, good do get your read on things. what is the impact of all of this? >>guest: the most immediate impact is to the families and people affected by this. i wish them all the best. but generally from our business, the big issue is going to be transportation logistics getting product in and out of the tri-state area for sure and all the east coast for the next 72 to 96 hours. beyond that, it will be solvable and i don't think it will have long lasting consequences. >>neil: you wonder if a region or a metropolitan area is without power nothing is getting done if that neck of the woods, now if it is a lot of metropolitan areas in the same situation, then what? then what? i guess that is the ultimate issue, how long this drags on. i don't think anyone knows. the ultimate issue is to define ways to get product to the super marks so they can get to the consumes and a lot of logistics t
not the economy on its kuester. some say it could knock up to half a pound off of the g.d.p. because it will translate into $30 billion in lost business and add to it the fiscal cliff approaching and no wonder charles payne is worrying. >> everyone was afraid of the fiscal cliff before sandy and now it is a bigger drop. i squall it -- equal it to those people would would go off niagara falls with a barrel with a couple of dumbbells in your hand making the landing more difficult. bottom line, the market has been shaky the last two or three weeks. >>neil: and just drying out from this, repairing, but there is the argument you have to rebuild. >>guest: when it is all said and done the $30 billion number will be low and i suspect diction 630 billion or $70 billion in damage or lost economic activity and $35 billion plus rebuilding so every dime we put in, rebuilding, we lose 20 cents so it underscores what we know. we are in a perilous position, and the last quarter was 2 percent g.d.p. gross but we realize it will be revised. and when it is said and done no one would be surprised if we
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)